My daughter decided to learn programming two months before graduating from high school.

I started to teach her programming and computer science. After graduation, she took a full-time baby sitter job and continued to study in her free time. Usually, she studied about 15-20 hours a week.

13 months after graduation I decided it was time to try to find a company looking for entry-level software developers. I googled “C++ entry-level position” and found a job position in one minute of my coffee break.

My daughter contacted the company and received an online test. After she passed it, some HR person called her by phone and after a short discussion scheduled a phone interview with the developer team.

The phone interview went well and they invited her for an on-site interview. The company was in another state. Here I should note, up to this moment I was planning to use this interview process just as the first experience. And I expected her to fail on the first interview. Then I would explain to her what should be done better and after some other fails she would learn and eventually succeeded. That was the plan.

She arrived for the final interview along with many other candidates for that one position. She called after a couple of hours quite shocked and told me she got the job. So I had no chance to teach her how to search for a job.

She became a software engineer at age 19. It was 13 months after she graduated from high school.

A couple of weeks later she moved to live on her own in another state. She is progressing quite well ever since.


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