I am a self-taught Senior Software Engineer with 30+ years of experience. I have been teaching myself software engineering all these years. I was also learning management, psychology, and many other things.

Eventually, I found a way to learn quite efficiently. Now I want to share this with you.

Before Anysolo, I founded two other companies: an Internet service provider and a custom software development company. I was working as a CEO, CTO, software engineer, and Unix System administrator in different companies.

As a software engineer, I have experience in:

  • C++ and C.
  • Kotlin, Java. Ktor, Hibernate, Spring, Tapestry
  • Typescript, JavaScript, Angular, jQuery
  • Python, Django
  • Gradle, Maven, CMake, Jenkins
  • PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, NO SQL databases
  • Clouds: Amazon and Google
  • High availability cluster systems with Mesos and Zookeeper
  • GUI applications with QT
  • Embedded programming for ARM7 devices
  • Back-end and Front-end applications
  • Web applications
  • Android mobile applications
  • PHP, Perl, PL-1/ Pascal, Basic, Focal (long ago)

As a Linux system administrator, cybersecurity specialist, and computer network engineer:

  • Linux/Unix versions: Debian, Arch Linux, Gentoo, Ubuntu, CentOS, Slackware, FreeBSD Unix, Solaris
  • TCP/IP networks and Internet protocols
  • HTTP, FTP servers and other standard Unix daemons
  • Linux files system and kernel security
  • Linux firewalls and routing
  • Linux virtualization technologies: KVN, XEN

In Psychology, I was mostly learning from:

  • Carl Jung and the psychology of the unconscious
  • Abraham Maslow and the psychology of motivation applied to management and self-development
  • Erich Fromm and the psychology of healthy and successful people