Recommended laptops A bit less screen, a bit slower but more portable:

Keyboard event mode for key release detection.

ToyGraphics v0.8.6.5 supports new keyboard mode allowing you to detect not only when the user pressed a key but also when they released it. You can read ToyGraphics guide and look at the demonstrations:

Rotating images.

Starting from version 0.8.2, ToyGraphics library supports drawing rotated images. Please check guide and API doc. Bellow an example: package com.anysolo.toyGraphics.samples import com.anysolo.toyGraphics.* fun main() { val wnd = Window(300, 300, buffered = true, background = val image = Image(“graphicsFiles/ufo-small.png”) val x = wnd.width/2 – image.width/2 val y = Read more…

Knowledge vs. understanding

Knowledge + experience = understanding. Learning means getting an understanding. If you know something but cannot apply in real-world case you do not understand it. Knowledge is useless unless you can apply it. Knowledge without understanding is like luggage, something external you carry with you. It is easy to lose. Read more…